Small Beginnings

Hello my name is Deenee,  

We're a family owned online boutique. I started crafting and making things for our home and friends. It kept growing until it eventually became a full-time business. From choosing and improving designs, to double and triple checking orders; it is all done with care by us here in Arizona (USA). The goal is to have every piece that gets sent out to be loved and last as long as possible. As the feedback we have received reflects our history of doing this, we want this to be your experience too! So know that we'll be here designing every piece, perhaps one just for you! 

As a result, we're blessed to spend more time at home with our loved ones while doing what we love! 

Living Design

Fashion design brings art directly to your skin. It helps you show not just who you are but the values that make you who you are. Our fashion lines all come from the belief that our future selves are going to be our best selves. We provide the wardrobe for who we are going to be and then package it for who we are now.  

Relationships First

Buying from independent designers helps you create a closer relationship with the things you wear every day. We are transparent with our design and manufacture process. We are inspired by the relationships we have built over time, getting to see how our designs fit into your life. 

Sincerely, Deenee